Author & Punisher releases new live album, Live 2020 B.C.

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Author & Punisher live album

Author & Punisher has announced a live album. Live 2020 B.C. is out digitally today, and it was recorded during the touring cycle for 2018’s Beastland, when Tristan Shone was opening for Tool. It features eight songs, mostly from that album, but with some highlights from throughout his catalog. The “B.C.” in the title stands for “Before Covid.”

“To open for Tool was such an honor and I loved every second of it,” Shone says in a press release. ” I’ve always loved playing bigger venues and festivals with huge sound systems and lighting rigs…From the first note of my first song on the tour, the bass just exploded with the wall of subwoofers and it was mind numbingly satisfying. What a perfect end to the BEASTLAND cycle.” Hear the new live album below.

Author & Punisher Live 2020 B.C. tracklist:

1. Nihil Strength (Live 2020)
2. Disparate (Live 2020) 
3. Ode to Bedlam (Live 2020) 
4. A Crude Sectioning (Live 2020) 
5. Nazarene (Live 2020) 
6. The Barge (Live 2020) 
7. Pharmacide (Live 2020) 
8. Terrorbird (Live 2020) 

Author & Punisher’s Beastland was featured on our list of the Top 25 Metal Albums of 2018.

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