Author & Punisher

Author & Punisher live album

Author & Punisher releases new live album, Live 2020 B.C.

Hear the live set recorded during Tristan Shone’s tour dates with Tool.

Metal Swim 2 stream

Stream the new Metal Swim 2 compilation, featuring Baroness, Sunn O))), Oathbreaker

Comp also includes Eyehategod, Author & Punisher, The Body and more.

The Best Metal Albums of 2018

The Top 25 Metal Albums of 2018

Twenty-five albums that hit the hardest from the past 12 months.

lion's daughter skin show review

Author & Punisher : Beastland

Tristan Shone delivers the apocalyptic soundtrack we deserve.

Harvey Milk Life the Best Game in Town shadow of the horns

Shadow of the Horns: The best game in town

A look back at an underrated classic, plus the best new metal tracks of the month.

Shadow of the Horns: Hail to the Metal Gods

A trio of legends return, plus the best metal tracks of June.

Author and Punisher Melk en Honing

Author & Punisher : Melk En Honing

Tristan Shone’s drone machines once again become the catalyst for seismic industrial terror.

Psycho CA - Eyehategod

Shadow of the Horns: Psycho California recap

A look back at the weekend that destroyed.

Kylesa Psycho California Fest 2015

Gallery: Psycho California Fest 2015

Eyehategod, Pallbearer, Kylesa and more brought the metal to The Observatory in Orange County, CA for Pyscho California Fest 2015.

Author & Punisher - Women and Children

Author & Punisher : Women & Children

Tristan Shone refines his industrial machine-metal approach on his third album as Author & Punisher.

Overlooked albums of 2012

Perversity: Overlooked Records 2012

A summary of favorites that slipped under the radar.