Belle and Sebastian releasing new album Late Developers this week

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Less than a year after their previous album, Belle and Sebastian have announced a new LP. On Friday, January 13, the band will release Late Developers via Matador, which follows their recently released A Bit of Previous. The first new single they’ve shared is the synth-driven “I Don’t Know What You See In Me,” which you can hear below.

The band’s Stuart Murdoch said in a press release, “I was bicycling across Scotland last summer, listening to a mix of this song. It was written and produced for us by our friend Pete ‘Wuh Oh’ Ferguson.  As I listened to it, I felt lucky to be the first person to get to sing this song. I let my voice swoop and soar in ways that it maybe hasn’t before. And as I continued through fields of gold and green I allowed myself to forget it was Belle And Sebastian, and pretend it was the latest hit on some random radio station. All music is escape, and perhaps we managed to escape a little further than usual with this unexpected tune. Thanks Pete!”

Belle and Sebastian’s The Life Pursuit is featured on our list of the 100 Best Indie Rock Albums of the ’00s.

belle and sebastian new album late developers

Belle and Sebastian Late Developers tracklist:

1. Juliet Naked
2. Give A Little Time
3. When We Were Very Young
4. Will I Tell You A Secret
5. So In The Moment
6. The Evening Star
7. When You’re Not With Me
8. I Don’t Know What You See In Me
9. Do You Follow
10. When The Cynics Stare Back From The Wall
11. Late Developers

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