Black Moth Super Rainbow : Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods

“That was a relaxing 56 seconds,” Dan told me getting out of the car. I drove him to my house from Will’s down the road, the trip being about 30 seconds, but Dan didn’t know that the CD time had started at about 00:26. That was about as much feedback for Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods I ever really got.

Well, I know that they recorded this in the middle of the woods in Pennsylvania, making the title apt, “they” is supposed to be about 5 people, and BMSR has released two previous albums Falling Through a Field and Start A People, but what else?

Not much I guess.

Well, try and focus what it sounds like: Sorta hazy, uses a synthesizer a lot, strong percussion. Right, but what does it sound like? What does it make you feel?

I don’t know.

“I don’t know” is a hard thing to write about. It’s about as vague as anything can get. I would be searching for something, some sort of concept I could base the review on, but nothing was there. I was lost in a haze of dotted lines that led nowhere. There it was again, that word haze. There it is again. I started listening to it incessantly. I would be making and sandwich, and there it was. I’d be working out, there it was. I’d be trying to figure out what I could write about, and there it was, not even subjecting itself properly to my investigation, just being there. Eventually I’d had it and I just stopped. I couldn’t try to force this to be anything anymore, so I just sort of stopped paying attention to what was going on in my ears.

I went about exercising like normal. My brain started running through its to-do list of thoughts about things and people and stuff to do for the day. I would start thinking about how I’ve got to write a review, but also how I want to see a movie, but only sort of, because I heard that the movie was okay, and besides, did anyone else want to go, and then I’d start thinking of people and stuff we did and things I said, and I would go through it all, making sure I didn’t say anything stupid or offensive, and I would lose myself in thoughts, trying to think and figure out why I was thinking at the same time, but you can’t think about why your thinking, you just do, but I kept at it, incessantly trying to figure out what how I got into this haze that is always there, no matter if I’m making a sandwich or working out or…

Wow. I just sort of walked into that solution. BMSR’s Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods felt like my thoughts. They were there because that’s what they do—they’re there. My thoughts add a little bit of meaning to the world, making it a little bit more important, and in the same way, Lost added a little bit of spice to what I normally did, my normal life. It made it feel a little bit spacier, a little bit more cosmological, a little bit bigger than it actually was. The music didn’t take center stage of you life at a certain moment, but instead worked backstage with the lighting and the sound, adding the almost invisible effects that made the whole play a bit more dramatic, or funny, or whatever it was going for at the time. It was thinking music that helped the lonely stagehand of thought backstage to do all of the unseen help, making everything go about twice as smooth.

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