Captured Tracks announces new compilation of previously unreleased Saâda-Bonaire music, 1992

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A set of unreleased music from Saâda-Bonaire—the eclectic pop project launched in the ’80s by DJ Ralph “von” Richtoven, vocalists Claudia Hossfeld and Stephanie Lange, and featuring production and contributions from iconic dub producer Dennis Bovell—is being reissued by Captured Tracks. Following the 2013 compilation Saâda-Bonaire, the group’s new comp of late era recordings, titled 1992, is due on May 6. The set comprises material recorded in the early ’90s with jazz guitarist Mike Ellington, and featuring vocalists Andrea Ebert and Paul Lindsay. Hear the previously unreleased track “Woman” below.

Richtoven says in a press release of “Woman”: “I always knew our tastes were a bit ahead of the times. Maybe we should have stopped staring out into the great beyond for inspiration and just stuck with the local marketing program. But what for? Short term status and fast money? If the market doesn’t agree with what we’re doing, it’s not my problem. If that’s arrogant thinking, then call me arrogant! I still get chills running down my spine when I listen to “Woman” and “To Know You Is To Love You”. Deep inside, I know we achieved our musical potential.”

saada-bonaire compilation 1992

Saâda-Bonaire 1992 tracklist:

1. Woman
2. To Know You Is To Love You
3. Extremes
4. So Many Dreams
5. Running
6. Okay It’s Over
7. That’s Right
8. Lovelife
9. Your Prince
10. 7th House
11. Move From The Heart
12. Follow Your Mind

Saâda-Bonaire’s 2013 self-titled compilation is featured on our list, 10 Essential Lost Albums.

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