Hear Collapse Culture’s new heavy, psychedelic dub track, “Bail Money Stashed in the Crawl Space”

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Collapse Culture, the collaborative project featuring Bleach Everything‘s Graham Scala and Kowloon Walled City‘s Ian Miller, release their second album Drag Your Coffin My Lord on September 16, via Pax Aeternum. And today, the duo has shared a new track from the album, titled “Bail Money Stashed in the Crawl Space (Non Frustra Vixi)”. It’s a heady and psychedelic track influenced by dub, industrial and progressive electronic sounds, with immersive synthesizers and loops, pulsing beats and a deep bassline meant to be heard on a top-notch soundsystem. As one might expect from these two musicians, there’s a heaviness at the core of the song, but it never overpowers the hypnotic beauty of the overall composition. Hear it below.

Graham Scala says in a statement, “‘Bail Money…’ exemplifies a couple approaches we were taking with this record. From a musical stance refining the different elements we’d utilized on the first record into something more focused and cohesive without sacrificing the sort of atmosphere we’d tried to cultivate. And from a conceptual standpoint it was the first we’d titled using juxtapositions of seemingly unrelated phrases. The idea was for each pairing of images to suggest a narrative without dictating it too literally and for each of the implied narratives to form into a larger picture, somewhere between Samuel Beckett and Koyanisqaatsi – the cohesion of which lies as much with the listener’s imagination as with anything we made.”

Pre-order Drag Your Coffin My Lord here.

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