Curren$y : The Stoned Immaculate

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It’s summer. Everyone is either out for school, working extra hours or planning to take a vacation. On the side, they’re enjoying ice-cold brews by the poolside and the occasional toke of precious kush. This is the domain of Curren$y, a Louisiana emcee who hypes and embraces a blueprint for living he dubs “Jet Life,” which includes (but is not limited to) smoking large amounts of weed, driving fast cars, being surrounded by beautiful women, playing video games and enjoying every moment of it. It’s, in essence, a young man’s dream come true.

Curren$y’s latest effort, The Stoned Immaculate, showcases some of the finest beats lain down this summer. The album’s opener, “What It Look Like,” which features a boastful opening verse by Wale, immediately sets the tone for what the rest of the album has in store, elegantly buoyed by a harp sample. “Armoire” features guest verses from Young Roddy and Trademark, who collaboratively spit about stuffing their cash and their clothes in a wardrobe that’s only built for those who are living the Jet Life. “Capitol” presents a different dynamic with its jazz flute loops, drops the tempo and dims the lights to set a chill atmosphere for everyone to get down.

Other tracks like “Jet Life,” with Big K.R.I.T. and Wiz Khalifa, continue to pitch the tagline, which may seem like only subtle variations on a recurring theme but encapsulate everything that Curren$y’s all about. More importantly, it’s summer, and Curren$y is far from the last young person in the world to spend most of his time thinking about taking advantage of those long hot days, sitting in the sun, smoking pot and drinking beer. Sure, Curren$y may have already gone over these topics on his previous albums, but it’s only natural to tread familiar ground.

The Stoned Immaculate may not be the best summer album to get down to, but it’s certainly not a weak opener for the heat either. Curren$y and his cavalcade of guests continue to preach the word of Jet Life, articulately detailing what it means to truly live a life filled with opulence and not a single care in the world. But this is more than an inventory of expensive toys and lifestyle porn. Instead, it invites listeners to get into the Jet Life, whether you’re predisposed to do so or not.

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