DJ Rashad’s Double Cup to be reissued for 10th anniversary

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DJ Rashad

This year is the 10th anniversary of DJ Rashad‘s innovative and acclaimed 2013 album Double Cup, which was released only months before the footwork producer’s untimely passing. Partisan Records has announced it is reissuing the album for its anniversary on a limited edition gold vinyl pressing, featuring new artwork by illustrator, photographer, and Rashad’s longtime friend, Ashes57. It’s being released on December 8. Check out the artwork below.

The album will also feature a digital bonus track, “Last Winter,” which was previously only available on out-of-print CD editions of the album. Check out its new video, featuring previously unreleased footage, below.

DJ Rashad Double Cup (10th anniversary reissue) tracklist:

1. Feelin (Feat. DJ Spinn & Taso)
2. Show U How (Feat. DJ Spinn)
3. Pass That Shit (Feat. DJ Spinn & Taso)
4. She A Go (Feat. DJ Spinn & Taso)
5. Only One (Feat. DJ Spinn & Taso)
6. Everyday Of My Life (Feat. DJ Phil)
7. I Don’t Give A fuck
8. Double Cup (Feat. DJ Spinn)
9. Drank, Kush, Barz (Feat. DJ Spinn)
10. Reggie
11. Acid Bit (Feat. Addison Groove)
12. Leavin (Feat. DJ Manny)
13. Let U No (Feat. DJ Spinn)
14. I’m Too Hi (Feat. DJ Earl)
15. Last Winter (Bonus Track) – Digital Exclusive

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