EMA announces new album, The Future’s Void

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EMA The Future's Void

Erika M. Anderson, better known under the name EMA, has announced her follow-up to 2011’s acclaimed Past Life Martyred Saints. It’s called The Future’s Void, and it’ll be released April 8, via Matador. Per a press release, the album was supposedly inspired by Nine Inch Nails demos from the pre-Pretty Hate Machine period, early K Records material, and William Gibson’s cyberpunk novel Neuromancer. Anderson says, “I gravitate toward hooks and melodies, and in some ways the structure of these songs are my poppiest yet,” though says there’s a lot of jarring production to be heard on the album as well. Check out the album cover above, and tracklist and video for new song “Satellites” below.

EMA The Future’s Void:

1. Satellites
2. So Blonde
3. Jane
4. Cthulu
5. Smoulder
6. Neuromancer
7. When She Comes
8. 100 Years
9. Solace
10. Dead Celebrity

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