Fever Ray returns with “What They Call Us”

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Fever Ray What They Call Us

Fever Ray is back. Today, Karen Dreijer has returned with the first new Fever Ray song in five years, “What They Call Us.” The song was written with Olof Dreijer, their former partner in The Knife, and featuring a video directed by longtime collaborator Martin Falck. The clip is haunting and bears an ambiguous menace, depicting an office environment where everything seems just a little off. But the song itself is another slow-burn banger that recalls some of the Dreijer duo’s strongest moments in the past. Check out the clip below.

This is the first collaboration between Karen and Olof Dreijer in eight years. As of yet, there are no official details about an upcoming Fever Ray studio album. The Knife’s last album was 2013’s Shaking the Habitual. Fever Ray’s last album was 2017’s Plunge.

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