Giant Squid announce vinyl reissue of Cenotes

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Giant Squid Cenotes reissue

Giant Squid have announced a new reissue of their 2011 EP Cenotes. On April 27, the California post-metal group will release the record, remastered by Tim Green (Fucking Champs, Melvins) on three different vinyl variants with newly adapted artwork from Aaron John Gregory. It’s the first time the album will be available on vinyl, and it’ll be available via Translation Loss.

The band’s Aaron John Gregory says of the record in a statement, “We wanted to create a record that was quick, hungry, immediate, and thrilling. Jackie was also pregnant during the writing and recording process of Cenotes with our first daughter, Pearl, (whose in utero heartbeat you hear on this album). Time was of the essence and a five-song EP seemed like the perfect next step in the band’s life.”

He continues: “The anxiety and excitement of having our first child is intertwined throughout the lyrical narrative that Cenotes continued from The Ichthyologist. Once again, we were heading into unknown territory and that sense of adventure can be heard on each of these unapologetically heavy and exotic songs. Ten years later, I’m happy to say this album still feels wildly intricate, impassioned, and as bold as ever; yet, so dramatically unique from anything we had written before. That is something we take great pride in.”

Hear the remastered Cenotes below.

Giant Squid also recently reissued their 2009 album, The Ichthyologist.

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