Hear a new song from Alabaster dePlume, “Greek Honey Slick,” featuring Tom Skinner

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Alabaster dePlume

Alabaster dePlume has shared another new song from his upcoming album, Come With Fierce Grace, out September 8 via International Anthem. After the release of “Did You Know” last month, he’s shared “Greek Honey Slick,” a groove heavy number that finds the saxophonist getting a little funkier with drums provided by The Smile‘s Tom Skinner.

Alabaster dePlume said of the song’s genesis, “Before I recorded GOLD, I dropped an enormous metal tin of beautiful Greek honey on my studio floor. Heart-broken, I gathered it into my hands to be disposed of, which took ages. But I chose to embrace this too – not knowing why. And it turned out that it was a blessing for the making of that specific album (though I won’t say why, just now). The key thing for me is: embracing what is, without demanding to know why. Abundance and how it is, and how it can appear, and made welcome.”

Skinner added, “I don’t remember much about the details of the session at all, other than that it was a welcome oasis of spontaneous music-making in what had become an otherwise arid and disheartening year. A glorious and joyous exploration of sound in time.”

Come With Fierce Grace follows 2022’s GOLD. Last year Tom Skinner released his debut, Voices of Bishara.

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