Hear Moor Mother’s new remix of Divide and Dissolve’s “Mental Gymnastics”

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Divide and Dissolve Moor Mother

Divide and Dissolve have just shared a new collaboration with Moor Mother. Moor Mother has remixed the track “Mental Gymnastics” and added a new vocal to the instrumental track, which originally appeared on Divide and Dissolve’s album, Gas Lit, which was released earlier this year. Check it below via the new video directed by Sophia Al-Maria.

Moor Mother says that the collaboration finds “Like minds coming together,” adding, “I like them because they speak out about issues that are dear to me and they are a part of my sound community so it’s my duty.”

Filmmaker Sophia Al-Maria says of the collaboration and its accompanying video, “I love this danger zone. There’s something about the cadence and the rhythm of Moor Mother’s recitation that makes it feel like many little approaches. Like a mystery that is revealed. I had an encounter with this vase of lilies and a spider who lives with them. The light was right and the pollen was heavy and it was sort of malevolently erotic and it finally felt like it might be thing for the track. Imagine the lilies are sirens. their throats hungry and carnivorous chanting ‘welcome’ and the spider’s treading the line. It felt simultaneously ‘pretty’ but also has a strange creepiness which is how this moment on my pilgrimage route (and this remix) made me feel.” 

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