Hear the new Stuck EP, Content That Makes You Feel Good

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Chicago noise rock/post-hardcore group Stuck recently announced the release of an upcoming EP, Content That Makes You Feel Good, via Exploding in Sound. The short-player, which follows the group’s 2020 full-length album Change Is Bad, has been released one day early via Bandcamp, and is now available to hear in its entirety. It’s a tense and jerky set of punk rippers, balancing barbed-wire riffs with subtle hooks and a lot of muscle. It’s 12 minutes that’ll start your day with a jolt, and you can hear the full EP below.

The band’s Greg Obis says of the album, “they’re all songs to get your blood moving about the ways our society is built to oppress the working class, be it internalizing the hustle mindset in ways that affect your non-working life (Labor Leisure), the violent and murderous police that protect property over people (City of Police), or the erosion of workers rights and neo-feudalism (Serf the Web).” 

Stuck’s Change Is Bad is featured on our list, Hidden Gems: 18 Albums to Buy on Bandcamp Friday.

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