Watch Hiraki’s fast-moving animated video for “Peach Lung”

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Hiraki Peach Lung

Industrial synthpunk group Hiraki earlier this year released their excellent new album Stumbling Through the Walls. The Danish group’s sound is a blend of electronics-driven immediacy with the heaviness of hardcore, and they’ve delivered a new video today for their standout track, “Peach Lung,” featuring vocals from Anders Jørgen Mogensen (KLoAK, Gullo Gullo). The track’s video features some suitably fast-paced and chaotic animation created by vocalist/noisemaker Jon Gotlev, depicting a series of playful but quickly evolving images that are timed to move with the pace of the hectic single.

Hiraki’s Jon Gotlev says of the track, “‘Peach Lung’ is the record’s beautiful bastard. The anti-banger banger. Birthed by the punchy vocals of Anders Jørgen Mogensen, while Klaus Q Hedegaard’s extraordinary mind has mixed and produced this track to somewhere we hadn’t imagined. The manic vibe, pumping beat and straightforward dissonance needed a visual accomplice and animating a chaotic universe was the way to get the best out of this unpolished banger.”

Watch the clip below.

Hiraki’s Stumbling Through the Walls is featured on our list of the Best Albums of 2021 So Far.

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