Kevin Morby, Torres, Cherry Glazerr to soundtrack 27 Amendments

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More Perfect 27 amendments album

WNYC Studios and the More Perfect podcast has announced a new project called 27: The Most Perfect Album, in which 27 different artists contribute songs about the 27 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Billboard reports that the album will feature contributions from Torres, Cherry Glazerr, Palehound, Octopus Project, They Might Be Giants and Dolly Parton. And the first track to be released from the album is Kevin Morby and Caroline Shaw’s “24th Amendment,” which is about the repeal of poll taxes. Listen to it here.

“The mission of this album is to take these sometimes forgotten words and animate them through the power of music,” says Jad Abumrad, host of the More Perfect podcast (an offshoot of Radiolab). “These 27 amendments not only outline our basic rights as Americans, but they also show a country changing, evolving, re-imagining itself. Striving (and not always succeeding) to be better.”


1 Cherry Glazerr / Joey Stylez
2 Sateen / Michael Richard Klics / Mariachi Flor de Toloache
3 Palehound / They Might Be Giants
4 Briana Marela
5 Torres
6 Sons of an Illustrious Father
7 Adia Victoria / Nana Grizol
8 High Waisted
9 The Kominas
10 Lean Year
11 Field Medic
12 Octopus Project
13 Kash Doll / Bette Smith
14 Sarah Kay
15 Aisha Burns / Nnamdi Ogbonnaya
16 Post Animal
17 STEF CHURA / Donny Dinero (of Mail The Horse)
18 The Slants
19 Dolly Parton
20 Huey Supreme
21 The Slants
22 Pavo Pavo
23 The Duke Ellington School Chorus (The Mellow Tones)
24 Kevin Morby / Caroline Shaw
25 Devendra Banhart
26 Suburban Living
27 Kevin Devine

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