Palberta’s Lily Konigsberg announces new compilation

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Palberta‘s Lily Konigsberg has announced a new compilation. After releasing Palberta5000 with her band in January, the New York singer/songwriter has revealed the details of The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now, due out May 21 via Wharf Cat. The release compiles Konigberg’s three EPs, along with some previously unreleased tracks. Check out new track “Owe Me” below.

Konigsberg says of the song in a statement, “I wrote ‘Owe Me’ in Petaluma on a trip with my friend Matt Norman. I knew immediately that it was one of those bangers that was gonna rock people’s worlds, but after Matt added some essential keyboard licks, it disappeared into the abyss of my computer accompanying roughly 500 other songs still stuck there.”

She continues, “With the help of Nate Amos who enhanced the beat, added the descriptive sounds, and basically just made it sound amazing, it was finally complete. For me, the lyrics to this song aren’t as important as how much collaboration and friendship can transform a banger into a BANGER. I love my friends.”

Lily Konigsberg The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now tracklist:

1. Owe Me
2. To Hold It
3. Rock and Sin
4. 7 Smile
5. At Best A #3
6. It’s Just Like All The Clouds
7. I Said 
8. Summer In The City
9. Good Time
10. Lily’s National Anthem
11. Waterfall Snake Juice
12. Talk To Me w/ Birds
13. Roses
14. North Porsche
15. I Don’t Like The Name
16. Big Tall Grass
17. Opening The Day

Palberta’s Palberta5000 is on our list of the Best Albums of January.

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