New concerns raised in inquest over death of MF DOOM

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New questions are being raised about the treatment of Dumile Daniel Thompson, aka MF DOOM, in the days leading up to his death in October of 2020. LeedsLive reports that the late rapper had been admitted to St. James’s Hospital for a severe reaction to blood pressure medication, and his condition rapidly deteriorated while under the hospital’s care.

Thompson, who had moved to the UK with wife Jasmin and five kids in 2010, took “two doses” of the medication before his “tongue and throat had started to swell.” Jasmin said that he was unable to alert hospital staff because his buzzer was out of reach, and that he called her in distress because he was having trouble breathing. Legal representatives for the family have also raised questions about how often he was being monitored, and why there was a “two-hour delay” in having his medication administered.

Jasmin said that she contacted hospital staff when Dumile was not able to call for assistance himself, and was told she would not be able to visit him because of COVID restrictions.

“I was not able to see him until the 31st,” she said. “That’s when the respirator was turned off that was helping him breathe.”

According to the report from Leeds Live, the hospital staff said they had been monitoring his condition and that he was showing improvement, that his oxygen levels improved and was able to talk to doctors. However, they also said that the ACE inhibitors he was taking had caused him to develop angiodema, an extreme swelling of the body.

The hospital has launched a “serious incident investigation” in the aftermath of Dumile’s death. The inquest is ongoing.

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