Nun Gun (feat. members of Algiers) announces new album Mondo Decay

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Nun Gun Mondo Decay

Nun Gun, a new collaboration between visual artist Brad Feuerhelm and Algiers‘ Lee Tesche and Ryan Mahan, are releasing a new album on February 19 titled Mondo Decay. The album is inspired by ’70s-era Italian zombie films and “the exoticism found in original Mondo films has been subverted to look at the failings of capitalism in the West,” according to a statement from the group. It includes guest appearances from ONO, Mourning [A] BLKStar, Blake Butler and Luiza Prado. The physical edition of the album also includes a 144-page book of Feuerhelm’s photography.

The group has shared a new video from the album for the single “Stealth Empire,” which features The Pop Group’s Mark Stewart. Check it out below.

Tesche says in a statement about the single and video: “Mondo Decay is a project devoted to the moment, contemplating the sins of the past, visited upon the future. In a continuation of the visual themes of the book, unpacking the problematic ideas presented in the Mondo film series and flipping the lens back onto the west, we wanted to make a video where Mark Stewart was the ghost of past, present and future. He haunts the upper echelons of the scrambled channels of your teenage cable box, pulling back the curtain on the dystopian present, imagining a parallel universe where Mark is Max Headroom.”

Nun Gun Mondo Decay tracklist:

1. The Spectre (feat. Michael Salu)
2. Stealth Empire (feat. Mark Stewart)
3. Beef Diet
4. Gold Mine (feat. ONO)
5. More Viscous Than Dawn (feat. Luiza Prado)
6. Excusable Homicide
7. On Neurath’s Boat (feat. Farbod Kokabi w/ Mourning [A] BLKstar)
8. The Aesthetics of Hunger
9. Under The Throne (feat. Sohail Daulatzai)
10. Addio Zio Sam
11. I Used to Wear a Face (feat. Blake Butler)
12. America Addio

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