Pynuka (Antibalas, Godflesh) debut new video for pulsing electronic pop track “Burn (Club Mix)”

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Pynuka—the collaborative project between Godflesh‘s Justin Broadrick, Anda Szilagi (Antibalas, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings), and producer Christian McKenna—release their debut album Not in the Sense That We Did Something Wrong via Translation Loss on Friday, October 13. Today, they’ve released a new video for “Burn (Club Mix)”. The track is a driving set of minimal electronics with a heavy club pulse and subtle washes of ambient darkness. It’s paired with a video, directed by Kevin Haus, in which long shots of solitary walks through a city make sudden transitions into group dance formations. Check it out below and stream the full album as well.

Anda Szilagi said in a statement, “’Burn’ is such an emotional song that I get a bit carried away by it sometimes. There is such a slow motion ironically “under water” feeling to it. The melody came to me after about an hour of just vibing out to the track- so not one of those effortless experiences. When I heard it, I instantly felt it though: THAT’S THE MELODY. I had just watched this really deep documentary about the destruction of the Amazon and the old concept of Slash and Burn farming. They believe you have to burn the earth in order to make it fertile for the next growing season. It made me think of our belief in just throwing out so much of what we have just so we can get the newest version. Then came the lyric “Just burn it all, we can start over again.”

Director Kevin Haus added, “When I listened to the track to decide if it was something I’d want to take on, I was drawn in by the idea of burning it all out to start over again. The cycle of creation and destruction seems to be a regular theme in my work as though the artists and songs find me to keep processing that narrative. People have been processing it in the collective unconscious for millennia. The recurring theme gives me a chance to play with it and approach it in different ways. One of the ideas Christian from Pynuka really wanted to convey was hope or a positive vision for the future. That was the harder challenge. I felt that the video’s color could help me make that shift and a few “happy accidents” during the writing, location scouting and the edit helped me find it.”

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