Sault release new, one-track album, Acts of Faith

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Sault Acts of Faith

Sault have released another new album via free download. The UK R&B/neo-soul collective, who typically release music without any advance promotion or much information of any kind, have shared Acts of Faith via a WeTransfer link posted on their social media. The new album is one, continuous 32-minute track, released as a wav file, produced by Inflo, one of the few confirmed members of the mysterious collective.

Last December, Sault played their first ever live show in London, which also featured an interactive installation in which attendees were directed through various decorated rooms. The group also previewed Acts of Faith at that live event.

In 2022, Sault released five albums in a password-protected folder: Aiir, 11, Earth, Today & Tomorrow, and (Untitled) God. These releases followed the band’s gritty 2021 album, Nine.

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