Slint Spiderland box set on the way

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Slint Spiderland box set

Touch and Go has announced it will release a deluxe box set reissue of Slint’s lengendary 1991 album, Spiderland, on April 15. The album has been remastered from the original analog masters by Bob Weston, and will come with an additional 14 demos and outtakes, all of which are previously unreleased. The album and bonus material will all be pressed onto 180-gram vinyl, and will come with CDs containing all of the music as well. Also included in the box set is a 104-page book featuring photos, lyrics and a foreword by Will Oldham. The box will be limited to 3,138 copies. Not sure why that number exactly, but that’s how many there’s gonna be, anyway.

In addition to all that good stuff, the box will also come packaged with Breadcrumb Trail, a documentary on DVD by Lance Bangs about the making of the album. The doc features interviews with the band, as well as James Murphy, David Yow, Ian McKaye, Matt Sweeney and others. Pre-order the box and you’ll get a shirt made from the original silkscreen the band used for shirts on their 1989 tour. That’s. Super. Cool! Plus a limited number of box sets will be signed by the band.

Whew! Now let’s get down to what songs are actually included, plus a video explaining the contents of the box.

Slint Spiderland Box Set:

A1 Breadcrumb Trail (Remastered)
A2 Nosferatu Man (Remastered)
A3 Don, Aman (Remastered)
B1 Washer (Remastered)
B2 For Dinner… (Remastered)
B3 Good Morning, Captain (Remastered)
C1 Nosferatu Man (Basement Practice)
C2 Washer (Basement Practice)
C3 Good Morning, Captain (Demo)
D1 Pam (Rough Mix, Spiderland Outtake)
D2 Glenn (Spiderland Outtake)
D3 Todd’s Song (Post-Spiderland Song in Progress)
E1 Brian’s Song (Post-Spiderland Demo)
E2 Cortez The Killer (live Chicago 1989)
F1 Washer (4 track Vocal Demo)
F2 Nosferatu Man (4 track Vocal Demo)
F3 Pam (4 track Vocal Demo)
F4 Good Morning, Captain (Evanston Riff Tape)
F5 Nosferatu Man (Evanston Riff Tape)
F6 Pam (Evanston Riff Tape)

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