Sons and Daughters : The Repulsion Box

Nowhere has been near as hot a petri dish as Glasgow lately. Taking its place alongside New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, Seattle and London as music centers of the world, this Scottish city has spawned great band after great band. Count among them Sons & Daughters, a mulligan stew of Franz Ferdinand, Johnny Cash, Sonic Youth, Cat Power, Velvet Underground and Nick Cave. This hard rocking dual-gendered vocal group is hard to pin down but easy to love. Made up of former members of Arab Strap, Sons & Daughters tend to buck the trend of happy arty pop as they create rock with a dark side.

The Repulsion Box is the band’s first full-length for the Domino label and it blew the doors off the place. Angular guitars and a fierce femme fatale vocalist take the lead and harsh lyrics abound on this heady mixture that, while not exactly easy on the ears, is more than a pleasure to hear. Take special note of “Rama Lama” which sounds like a pornographic horror film version of Franz Ferdinand’s “40 Feet.” Yikes.

They’d probably call out Travis to a street fight, mess up Franz’s hair and clothes, and seduce then dump every member of Belle & Sebastian, but you’d love every minute of it. The group takes Tyler Durden’s plea to “hit me as hard as you can” and puts into music. So, ultimately you’d have to ask yourself, do you know where your sons & daughters are? At the record store, stupid, go and get it.

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Sons and Daughters - The Repulsion Box

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