The Cue Sheet Podcast, Episode 10: The Best Musical Moments of Stranger Things

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Stranger Things musical moments

This month, as we’ve been teasing on social media and otherwise, is ’80s month on Treble, which has included our list of the Best Albums of the 1980s, as well as a list of the Best Movie Soundtracks of the ’80s. And while we’re on the subject of soundtracks, one of the best ’80s soundtracks you’ll find is, in fact, on a contemporary TV show: Stranger Things.

Launched in 2016 on Netflix, Stranger Things has taken us through some demonic trials and tribulations in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, inspired by the likes of Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, and John Carpenter, with parallel universes, international espionage, cold war paranoia and some pretty nasty monsters. But what ties it all together is a killer soundtrack of era-appropriate music that ranges from synth-pop to thrash metal and everything in between.

Listen to our episode on the best musical moments of Stranger Things below, and check out our playlist of songs in our favorite moments from the show.

Share some of your favorite Stranger Things music moments in the comments, and let us know if there’s a show you’d like us to cover on a future episode!

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