Joy Division

The Top 50 Goth Songs

50 great songs from its progenitors and roots to its most radical interpretations.

Transmissions Joy Division podcast

An official Joy Division & New Order podcast launches this month

New podcast features members of the bands, plus members of Radiohead, U2, Blur, Oasis and more.

Joy Division Closer vinyl reissue

Joy Division’s Closer gets 40th anniversary vinyl reissue

Plus three singles are remastered and reissued for the first time since 1980.

Peel Sessions archive

Hear nearly 1,000 Peel Sessions from The Cure, The Fall, New Order and more

Plus Can, David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Wire and more.

The Top 150 Best Albums of the '70s

The Top 150 Albums of the ’70s

Treble revisits a list concept from its earlier years for the sake of diving deeper into the polyester decade.

Factory Records Manchester

Substance: A guide to Factory Records’ Manchester

So this is (not) Permanent—our tour through the sites and landmarks that defined the iconic label.

Top 100 post-punk albums

The Top 100 Post-Punk Albums

100 albums that transformed punk into a dark, experimental art form.

Treble’s 50 favorite bassists

Our 50 picks for holding down the low end.

Factory Records

10 Essential Factory Records Tracks

The best moments in a post-punk giant’s history.

Manchester: North of England box set to feature The Smiths, New Order, Oasis

Six-disc set to chronicle the history of independent music in Manchester from 1977-1993.

Treble’s Top 100 Guitarists

First we honored our favorite drummers, assembling a round-up of those who bring intensity, pacing…

10 Essential Breakup songs

A bummed-out Valentine’s Day playlist.

10 essential uk post punk albums

10 Essential UK Post-Punk Albums

A selection of dark and often danceable progressions from the post-punk era in the UK.

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures

Hall of Fame: Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

On its 35th anniversary, Treble inducts Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures into its hall of fame.

Record Store Day 2014

List of Record Store Day 2014 releases announced

R.E.M., Built to Spill, Joy Division and The Muppets are all on the list.

Treble's editor airs his grievances

Pet Grief: A vinyl resolution

A one-man account of a format war.

Treble’s Top 200 Songs of the ’70s

The first 50 of our favorite tracks from the 1970s.

10 Iconic Album Cover Artists

10 Iconic Album Cover Artists

The visual artists that made our favorite albums that much better.