Hear the new album from Oakland death rock band False Figure, Castigations

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False Figure Castigations stream

On November 1, Oakland death rock group False Figure release their new album Castigations via Transylvanian Recordings. And today, on Halloween—just one day before it’s out—the band is streaming the album in its entirety. The group already debuted the first single “Possession,” which carries a dark, post-punk groove, and the rest of the album carries a similarly stylish gloom. Castigations is dark and haunted, but often as catchy as goth comes, with atmosphere and melodies reminiscent of vintage Christian Death and Kommunity FK. Essential listening for this time of year—or any time of year, really.

“We wanted melodies that would stick in your head with beats that would move you,” said guitarist/vocalist Andrés Ruiz in a statement. “In the past few years, we’ve shifted towards a more pointed, airy, and rhythm-driven song structure where each element has its space to breathe. This style is something that was touched on in our last EP, A Promised End, but really gets to shine on Castigations. We aim to keep things flowing and concise. ‘All killer no filler’ as they say.”

Listen to the False Figure Castigations stream below.

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