Ariana Grande

Drake degrading the charts

The Revenge of Degrading the Charts, with extra Drake

Another journey through the highlights and dregs of the pop charts.

Ariana Grande following Manchester tragedy: “broken…i am so sorry”

Manager Scooter Braun: “Tonight our hearts are broken.”

best pop of 2016

Pop Life: The best pop of 2016

The best moments in pop this year.

Pop Life: Dangerous Women

“Sex sells” has been a truism for-fucking-ever, but in popular art it often involves a…

Ariana Grande My Everything

Ariana Grande : My Everything

A pop album with a lot of promise, but one that’s ultimately rudderless and lacking in a real artistic identity.

Treble's editor airs his grievances

Pet Grief: The Annual Hot 100 Survey Vol. 3

Another deep dive into the summer singles chart — deep breath… and go!