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buffy best musical moments podcast

The Cue Sheet Podcast Episode 11: The Best Musical Moments of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with guest Jenny Owen Youngs

The singer/songwriter and co-host of ‘Buffering the Vampire Slayer’ joins us to talk the music of ‘Buffy’.

Halloween party essentials

Treble Roundtable: Halloween party essentials

We discuss the songs we always queue up on All Hallow’s Eve.

10 Essential misfit love songs

Sweet songs for weirdos and freaks.

Misfits reunion

Dave Lombardo, formerly of Slayer, to perform with reunited Misfits

Earlier this year, The Misfits announced they would be reuniting for a handful of shows…

Riot Fest 2016

Riot Fest 2016 lineup announced

Last week, The Misfits announced they were reuniting for Riot Fest. Today, the rest of…

Misfits reunion

The Misfits reunite

Glenn Danzig is getting back together with The Misfits. Danzig left when the band originally…

10 essential monster songs

10 Essential Monster Songs

For Halloween, ten songs that celebrate the literal ghouls and goblins among us.