The Hold Steady launch crowdfunding campaign for new EP

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The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady has launched a new campaign on PledgeMusic in which they’re asking fans to contribute to the recording of a new covers EP. Each member will choose a song to cover on the new five-track EP, which will be released on vinyl. And everyone who pledges will get a download of the EP as soon as it’s ready. Plus, the band is offering some incredible incentives for fans who want to chip in a little more.

Some of the pledge bonuses available include handwritten lyric sheets, getting your name printed in the liner notes, signed photos and a bunch of items for fans who want to spend some face time with the band. Some of those rewards include: getting a haircut by Tad Kubler, going jogging with Craig Finn, jam with the band during soundcheck, a tour of Memphis with Steve Selvidge, and more.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to K&L Guardian Foundation, which benefits the children of Mike Van Jura, aka “Jersey Mike,” who died last year. Van Jura was considered the unofficial leader of The Unified Scene, the group of the band’s biggest supporters. Or, fan club, if you prefer.

“Like many members of our audience, Mike had crossed from being a fan of the band to a real friend,” the band says. “All the members of the Hold Steady and the Unified Scene felt the loss immensely. We miss him.”

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