Thou and Gewgawly I announce Norco video game soundtrack

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Thou Norco OST

Thou and Gewgawly I have announced a new soundtrack to the upcoming video game NORCO. The game is slated for release on March 24 via game platform Steam, and the album will be released on March 25 via Sacred Bones. It features a score from Gewgawly I, a Louisiana musician and member of the Geography of Robots development team, and a full-length LP soundtrack from Thou. The first track they’ve shared is titled “Goo in a Burning City (fmGew Remix)”. Hear it below.

Thou’s last album was their collaboration with Emma Ruth Rundle, May Our Chambers Be Full.

Thou and Gewgawly I NORCO OST tracklist:

1) Gewgawly I Delirious Eyes
2) Gewgawly I Parish (Overworld Theme)
3) Gewgawly I Grainer to Chicago
4) Gewgawly I Fourth Flood
5) Gewgawly I Backyard
6) Gewgawly I Endless Eve
7) Gewgawly I Breh
8) Gewgawly I One Night in New Orleans
9) Gewgawly I Troy Story
10) Gewgawly I Perilloux & Sons LLC
11) Andy G Chex2Cash
12) Gewgawly I Disorientation is Normal
13) Gewgawly I Trinkets
14) Gewgawly I Quarter Rats
15) Gewgawly I You Made It
16) Gewgawly I Behind the Fenceline
17) Gewgawly I Epiphany
18) Gewgawly I Last House in Dimes
19) Gewgawly I Ditch Man’s Curse
20) Gewgawly I Refinery Eyes (Laura’s Theme)
21) Gewgawly I Planner Will Hide
22) fmAura Your Pawpaw
23) Gewgawly I Before You Die
24) Gewgawly I Favored Boy
25) Gewgawly I Refinery Fight
26) Gewgawly I Floodgate Tavern
27) Gewgawly I Apocryphon of Kenner John
28) fmAura Canal Water
29) Gewgawly I Drones
30) Gewgawly I Suburban Templar
31) Gewgawly I Here Come the Scum
32) Gewgawly I True Padu
33) Gewgawly I Templars in Dimes
34) Gewgawly I Orb Juice Ascent
35) Gewgawly I Head in the Lake
36) Gewgawly I Hypno
37) Thou Goo in a Burning City (fmGew Remix)
38) Thou The Long Road
39) Thou Corrupted Sanctum
40) Thou Forgive Me, Father
41) Thou Virtual Death
42) Thou Homunculus
43) Thou View of a Burning City

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