Time. Space. Repeat. : Lost Transmissions

This album comes primarily released to benefit UK housing and homelessness charity Shelter. The altruism is an endearing rather than definitive supplement, the album containing more than 54 minutes, which sound far more worthwhile than worthy. I really like the approach T.S.R take to describing their music. A generally likable or compelling (because I want to hear something by them) list of influences mentions Shostakovich, Shellac, John Cage, and Múm, but comes qualified by a statement that “this is a short list of things I like, rather than influences.” Members, including a gent named Sonic James Doom, are attributed with traits including “procurement of animals for live shows…speaking Polish…keyboardy things” and “generally being nice.” Whatever this constitutes, it extends to the music. Like Spaced, Lost Transmissions is unassumingly engaging.

This is a good example of a band making a self produced, frill-less affair work. T…S…R’s music sounds rather well buried in a touch of murk. “Youth of America” is a stark revelation, like the Arcade Fire in thrall to Paul Thomas Anderson. “Under the Waves” sparingly recalls Doves and Kranky, with vocals worthy of the My Iron Lung EP. The best analogy I can draw is with walking along concrete beside a stretch of water, eyes rubbed widely, as light breaks through an overcast sky. “I.S.O.P.O.D” does its scary sea dwelling brethren proud. Comparisons could include Alex Chilton and Mark Kozelek on top form introspection.

The excellent God is in the TV e-single released in 2007 tracks “End of the World” and “No Laces” are included for good measure. With a roughly assembled but undeniably top draw collection of songs, Time. Space. Repeat help make doing the right thing easy on the ears this winter.

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