Wolf Eyes : Human Animal

If you are not yet familiar with the sounds of Wolf Eyes, imagine noise rock combined with the clatter of a bloody war battle. Wolf Eyes’ Human Animal is raw, fantastic, and refreshing. I’ve never been so in love with a noise rock album in such a long time. Human Animal is unforgiving in its delivery, and makes no mistakes at all. Everything about this effort is loud, sometimes scary, and, crucially, never boring.

First off, if you do not like noise rock, I am going to guess that you would not like this album. Not because it’s bad, mind you, but because it is not for everyone. There is no melody to any song structure, or really any song structure at all. They do play loud instruments at various times in a “song,” but it’s the furthest thing from conventional music that one might imagine. I understand that sort of stuff might not be your bag, and if so, this probably is not for you.

If screamo is what you are into, Human Animal would tear your snug-fitted trousers right off your body. This album would blow any My Chemical Romance fans right out of the water, and then flay them. If you want to hear something loud, and full of primal yelling, this is a dangerously new alternative, if you are so daring. Perhaps most importantly, if you want to get acquainted with noise rock, or Wolf Eyes in general, this is a great album to start off with. Track after track, it takes your ears for hostage. It is disgruntled, uncomfortable, loud, and sometimes angry, and it never once loses it’s intensity, or raw power.

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Wolf Eyes - Human Animal

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