Yahoo! traveling festival to feature Jay-Z, Frank Ocean

As SXSW 2013 wraps up this weekend, Yahoo! is making a big splash in the music festival business. Not big in the sense of SXSW’s depth and unrelenting nature, but big in the fact that it’s the most popular male acts in music hitting the road for 21 dates, mostly in the United States before finishing up by traveling to five European countries. Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake and Kendrick Lamar are headlining the entire tour, which is being called the Yahoo! on the Road Festival, while different side acts will apparently pop up depending on the city.

Full list of Yahoo! on the Road Festival dates:

05-03 New York, NY
05-04 Philadelphia, PA
05-05 Washington, DC
05-07 Columbus, OH
05-09 Detroit, MI
05-11 Chicago, IL
05-13 Madison, WI
05-15 St. Louis, MO
05-18 Houston, TX
05-20 Dallas, TX
05-23 Denver, CO
05-26 Seattle, WA
05-28 Boise, ID
05-31 San Francisco, CA
06-11 Berlin, Germany
06-13 Munich, Germany
06-18-19 Cannes, France
06-21 Milan, Italy
06-29 Madrid, Spain
07-03 Paris, France
07-09-14 London, England

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