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In Solitude

Swedish heavy metal group In Solitude has broken up. In a Facebook post on Friday, the group says that the split is “something that’s been taking shape for a long time” and offer an ultimately positive look on their decade together, noting that, “Not a single second was spared in these 13 years, and we’ll never ask for any of them back.”

The note continues:

The reasons for our departure are not hostile in any sense and our love for each other and the music is stronger than ever before. But it is with respect for that music and that love between us that we choose to end it at this point.

Changes in our personal lives demanded that we treated this as carefully as we could and with our deepest respect and reverence for all personal feelings, and for the aim of our journey.

This has been one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever had to make and we’ve had to investigate every inch of our beings in order to make this right. In Solitude has been the center of our lives for 13 years and we’ve invested everything we have in this and to make this decision was to rip us up by ours roots and make us re-evaluate our entire lives and our future.

In Solitude’s excellent 2013 dark-metal album Sister is one of our Top 10 Metal Albums of 2013.

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