Jim O’Rourke announces new album, Simple Songs

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Jim O'Rourke new album

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, former Sonic Youth member and onetime Wilco collaborator Jim O’Rourke has announced a new album. On May 19, he’ll release Simple Songs, via Drag City. This is his first proper album since 2009’s The Visitor. That album was a 38-minute orchestral piece, however, and this one is more of a proper album — it has eight individual songs. Since then he’s done some film scores and collaborations, as well as having released some rare works on Bandcamp. But while saying that O’Rourke makes pop records isn’t quite right, this might be a step back in that direction. A description of the album in a press release reads, “There ARE no simple songs — only simple people. And since guns don’t kill people, Simple Songs will have to do. Super-sweet terrorism from our very own latter-day Spector!”

Check out the tracklist below, along with the album trailer.

Jim O’Rourke Simple Songs tracklist:

1. Friends With Benefits
2. That Weekend
3. Half Life Crisis
4. Hotel Blue
5. These Hands
6. Last Year
7. End Of The Road
8. All Your Love

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