Cave In announce deluxe reissue of Until Your Heart Stops

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Cave In Until Your Heart Stops reissue

Cave In have announced a deluxe reissue of their 1999 debut album, Until Your Heart Stops. Originally released via Hydra Head, the expanded version of the album will be released via Relapse on March 31 in both 2xLP and 4xLP editions, featuring 20 bonus tracks, including previously unreleased demos. Check out the tracklist below as well as the unboxing video.

Read our recent interview with Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky. Their latest album Heavy Pendulum was on our list of the 30 Best Metal Albums of 2023.

Cave In Until Your Heart Stops (Deluxe Edition) tracklist:

  1. Moral Eclipse (2023 Remaster)
  2. Terminal Deity (2023 Remaster)
  3. Juggernaut (2023 Remaster)
  4. The End of Our Rope is a Noose (2023 Remaster)
  5. Segue 1 (2023 Remaster)
  6. Until Your Heart Stops (2023 Remaster)
  7. Halo of Flies (2023 Remaster)
  8. Bottom Feeder (2023 Remaster)
  9. Ebola (2023 Remaster)
  10. Controlled Mayhem Then Erupts (2023 Remaster)
  11. Moral Eclipse (4 Track Demo)
  12. Terminal Deity (4 Track Demo)
  13. Juggernaut (4 Track Demo)
  14. The End of Our Rope is a Noose (4 Track Demo)
  15. Until Your Heart Stops (4 Track Demo)
  16. Bottom Feeder (4 Track Demo)
  17. Halo of Flies (4 Track Demo)
  18. Controlled Mayhem Then Erupts (4 Track Demo)
  19. Terminal Deity (God City Demo)
  20. Juggernaut (God City Demo)
  21. Until Your Heart Stops (God City Demo)
  22. Ebola (God City Demo)
  23. N.I.B. – Dave Scrod Lead Vox (God City Demo)
  24. N.I.B. – Steve Brodsky Lead Vox (God City Demo)
  25. Casio Killtoy (2023 Remaster)
  26. Millipede (2023 Remaster)
  27. Informing the Octopus – Part I (2023 Remaster)
  28. Informing the Octopus – Part II (2023 Remaster)
  29. Juggernaut (Stereo Test)
  30. Mr. Co-Dexterity (4 Track Demo)
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