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Jessy Lanza Love Hallucination review

The first half of 2023 (and change) has seen an abundance of ebullient electronic pop—it’s almost as if we collectively experienced a couple of years where we couldn’t gather together and dance in public. As it turns out, both creators and club-goers alike were in need of a communal musical experience to celebrate the hedonistic impulses they had to keep locked down. And though it’s not necessarily surprising coming from the Jessie Wares and Róisín Murphys of the world, some more typically insular electronic acts have showcased their extroverts yearning to break free by releasing some truly joyful music.

Love Hallucination, the bright and upbeat new album from Jessy Lanza, is just such an album. Her corpus comprises thoughtful, chill synth-pop, and it’s definitely been her preferred wheelhouse; in fact, I raved about All the Time for this very site back in 2020. Yet it’s always encouraging to see an artist with an established aesthetic stretch themselves into more fun and playful new directions.

The eleven songs on Love Hallucination sing with joyful energy and a wide, commercially friendly appeal. Lanza combines big ‘90s house vibes with jazz-inflected ’80s pop that morph into a refreshingly slinky mood. It’s high-impact, danceable electro-pop that feels like a delightful inverse to the more overt sexuality of Ware’s That! Feels Good!. 

Lanza possesses an outstanding penchant for developing an impressive series of crests and troughs in her songs, but I’m in love with the bolder and brasher feel of this album. Her customary dreamy soprano vocals abound, but she frequently pairs it with the sort of syncopated snare claps and hi-hat rhythms common to Hi-NRG artists. From there, clean keyboard chord stabs provide the melodies while lilting synth pads and deep bass tones provide essential counterpoint. And then, she wraps it all up in an accessible blend of tempos, timbres, and dynamics to create a superb listening experience.

Love Hallucination also harbors Lanza’s most revealing set of lyrics to date. Standouts such as “Don’t Leave Me Now” and “Big Pink Rose” invite personal reflection without dipping into melodrama. In other places, “Limbo,” “Gossamer,” and “Marathon” showcase an artist who recognizes the release that occurs when you give yourself permission to feel your emotions freely while also recognizing the need to move on instead of lingering. Throughout, a subtle sensuality sits right below the surface giving the songs an understated resonance.

Love Hallucination overflows with artistic clarity and a whole lot of fun, fusing catchy grooves and stirring pacing with lovelorn lyrics. It’s the most upbeat and kinetic release of Jessy Lanza’s career—and I’m here for it. 

Label: Hyperdub

Year: 2023

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