Karin Park and Lustmord share epic, beautiful new track “Song of Sol”

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Karin Park Lustmord new track

On June 25, Karin Park of noise rock outfit Årabrot and dark ambient composer Lustmord are releasing a new collaborative album, Alter, via Pelagic Records. Today, they’ve shared a new track from the collaboration, “Song of Sol.” It’s a gorgeously atmospheric track that pairs Park’s expressive vocal performance with Lustmord’s ominous, intense yet graceful soundscapes. There’s an epic sensibility to the track, though it’s only a little over four minutes long, but that space contains something massive and powerful, cinematic in its scope yet concise in its execution.

The two artists shared a statement about the new track: “While we could talk at length about ‘Song Of Sol,’ we’re more interested in people simply listening to it. And to approach the whole album as an experience rather than a collection of songs. Making the album was a personal journey for us and our hope is that it can be an equally deep journey to listen to. ‘Song Of Sol’ is one of the most personal pieces on the album and one of our favorites.”

Hear “Song of Sol” below via the official video, featuring some stunning animations.

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