Mount Kimbie announce new double album, MK 3.5 Die Cuts/City Planning

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Mount Kimbie has announced a new double album, which follows a string of new singles they released earlier this month. On November 4, the UK electronic duo will release MK 3.5 Die Cuts/City Planning via Warp. The album comprises two distinct halves, comprising individual albums by its two members. Die Cuts features songs by Dom Maker, and City Planning features material by Kai Campos. Today they’ve shared two new singles, “F1 Racer” and “Zone 1 (24 Hours)”. They also just released non-album track “locked in,” featuring Maxo Kream. Hear them all below and take a look at the album’s tracklist.

Mount Kimbie’s last album was 2017’s Love What Survives.

Mount Kimbie MK 3.5 tracklist:

Die Cuts:

1. dvd (feat. choker)
2. in your eyes (feat. slowthai & danny brown)
3. f1 racer (feat. kučka)
4. heat on, lips on
5. end of the road (feat. reggie)
6. somehow she’s still here (feat. james blake)
7. kissing (feat. slowthai)
8. say that (feat. nomi)
9. need u tonight
10. if and when (feat. wiki)
11. tender hearts meet the sky (feat. keiyaa)
12. a deities encore (feat. liv.e)

City Planning:

1. Q
2. Quartz
3. Transit Map (Flattened)
4. Satellite 7
5. Satellite 9
6. Satellite 6 (Corrupted)
7. Zone 3 (City Limits)
8. Zone 2 (Last Connection)
9. Zone 1 (24 Hours)
10. Industry
11. Human Voices

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