New Releases: 7/23

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Weekend - Jinx deluxe vinyl

The sun is out, you’re sweating out half your body weight and need to get out of your apartment. Seems like a fine day to while away the time in an air-conditioned record shop! There’s a hearty list of great new releases today, including our current Album of the Week, and Jinx, the new album by Weekend, whose deluxe vinyl edition can be seen above (fancy!). Here’s what’s out this week, in stores and at Insound.

Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus
Gogol Bordello – Pura Vida Conspiracy
Grant Hart – The Argument
Hunx & His Punx – Street Punk
Jackson Scott – Melbourne
The Love Language – Ruby Red
Lustmord – The Word As Power
True Widow – Circumambulation
Van Dyke Parks – Songs Cycled
Weekend – Jinx
Zorch – Zzoorrcchh

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