Premiere: Okey Dokey’s “Whose Heart” video is an animated daydream

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Okey dokey video premiere

On March 29, indie pop outfit Okey Dokey will release their new album Tell All Your Friend. And today, Treble premieres their new video for “Whose Heart.” The Nashville-based band’s new track is a dreamy and soulful pop gem with a lightly psychedelic sound to it and an overall sense of pop euphoria. The video, created by vocalist Ron Martin, is an animated clip depicting a surreal daydream sequence with faces that melt into other shapes, rapidly changing landscapes, leaves falling and more. It’s fun, colorful and quirkily beautiful. Here’s what Martin had to say about the video.

“It’s sort of a depiction of the moment when you get stuck in a stare. I’m looking at my feet, now i’m day dreaming, now i’m gone. In a single day dream you can be in a million places, worrying about or enjoying a million different things. The song is about feeling like you have given yourself a lonely future, but the video focuses on how hard it can be to feel a specific emotion when every action and every thought comes with whatever happens to be around you or on your phone. There are so many other people that you can’t really just be alone to feel things. It’s loud in our heads because we are used to it being that way and at night we go to crowded bars to be silent so that we can try to miss things instead of immediately finding something else.”

Watch the Okey Dokey “Whose Heart” video below.

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