Stereolab announces new compilation, Electrically Possessed

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Stereolab new compilation Electrically Possessed

Stereolab is releasing a new compilation titled Electrically Possessed, which will be out February 26 via Warp/Duophonic. It’s the fourth installment in the group’s Switched On series, through which they’ve compiled singles, b-sides, non-album tracks and unreleased material. This installment spans 1999 through 2008, and includes two discs worth of material.

Stereolab’s Tim Gane says in a statement, “After the making of Dots & Loops in which we really loved recording with the computer we wanted to build up our own small home recording studio. We bought an Apple desktop computer, a MOTU sound card and Logic 2 software and started to record very simple tracks mainly using samples as inspiration and overlaying them with some guitar, keyboards, and more often than not, Laetitia and Mary would add often wordless vocals. Personally it was the cutting and chopping up of sounds and rhythms that I liked, trying to make little pulse-y songs that were much smaller and simpler than the main Stereolab recordings. Most of these tracks ended up either on tour singles or compilations. ‘Dimension M2’ went onto a compilation LP from our friends Paul & Hervé who had their own design company called Cabine. I wanted to do something upbeat and party-ish for them and this was as close as i could get to that kind of thing – still a bit cool and detached though.”

Hear a track from the compilation, “Dimension M2,” and check out the tracklist below.

Stereolab Electrically Possessed: Switched On Vol. 4 tracklist:

1 – Outer Bongolia
2 – Intervals
3 – Barock-Plastic
4 – Nomus Et Phusis
5 – I Feel The Air {Of Another Planet}
6 – Household Names
7 – Retrograde Mirror Form
8 – Solar Throw-Away [Original version]
9 – Pandora’s Box Of Worms
10 – L’exotisme Interieur

1 – The Super-It
2 – Jump Drive Shut-Out
3 – Explosante Fixe
4 – Fried Monkey Eggs [Instrumental version]
5 – Monkey Jelly
6 – B.U.A
7 – Free Witch and No Bra Queen
8 – Heavy Denim Loop Pt 2
9 – Variation One
10 – Monkey Jelly [Beats]
11 – Dimension M2
12 – Solar Throw-Away
13 – Calimero
14 – Fried Monkey Eggs [Vocal]
15 – Speck Voice

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