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Arca Kick iiii

Earlier this week, Arca released KiCK ii, one of three planned albums set to drop this week that follow the first album in the series, 2020’s excellent KiCK i. Today, she’s shared another installment of the latest trilogy (which is actually a tetralogy), KiCK iiii, via streaming services. It’s a little confusing, since the fourth LP arrives before the third, but that is still scheduled to arrive tomorrow. KiCK iiii is the most guest-heavy album of the quartet, featuring appearances from Garbage’s Shirley Manson, Oliver Coates, No Bra, and Planningtorock, who made an appearance on the first single, “Queer.”

Arca said about the album in a statement: “kick 4 is an entry of sensual charge in the cycle; my own faith made into song, a posthuman celestial sparkle, psychosexual pulsewidth modulation, queering the void, abyss alchemically transmuted into a deconstruction of what is beautiful, it is a healing spell, recognition of the alien inside, a bursting apart of old skin, fresh new sinew rippling outward from a beating core, the first prenatal kick — proof that there is a sentience with a will beyond its creators’ control expressing itself from within the womb.”

Stream the entirety of Arca’s KiCK iiii below.

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