Castanets Decimation Blues

Castanets : Decimation Blues

The first album in five years to bear the Castanets name is also the weirdest by some margin.

Castanets Decimation Blues

Castanets announce new album, Decimation Blues

Hear new track “Out for the West” now.

Rocket From the Crypt

10 Essential San Diego albums

A solid ten essential albums from Southern California.

Castanets : Texas Rose, The Thaw and the Beasts

More country, more smiles, more everything.

Castanets : City of Refuge

Traveling along a dusty road.

Fall Music Preview 2008

Fall Music Preview

Twenty of the most anticipated albums of 2008’s fall season.

Castanets : In the Vines

A bad year turned great album.

Castanets : First Light’s Freeze

A short, but sweet follow-up to San Diegan’s debut.

Castanets : Cathedral

Will Oldham, you’ve got some competition.