Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel Panopticom

Peter Gabriel shares new song, “Panopticom”

Hear the first song from his upcoming album ‘I/O’

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Peter Gabriel teases new album ‘i/o’, announces 2023 tour

Gabriel “playing new material from his forthcoming album” on tour

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The Cue Sheet Podcast, Episode 3: The Music of ‘Mindhunter’

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Peter Gabriel Melt

40 Years of ‘Melt’: Peter Gabriel’s catalytic third album

Gabriel’s third album was infused with an overarching feeling of panic and menace.

Peter Gabriel streaming

Peter Gabriel’s catalog is now streaming on Spotify

Hear (most of) Peter Gabriel’s albums via Spotify for the first time.

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Guest Playlist: The Holy Circle share the eclectic influences on their debut album

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Peter Gabriel : Scratch My Back

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