Treble Best of the 60s Project

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Treble's Best of the '60s Project


Kinks – Village Green Preservation Society

“It would be thirty years until the album was reissued and given the attention it was due.”

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Rolling Stones – Beggars Banquet

Beggars Banquet was the first in a long series of albums that would characterize The Stones as the blues-based rock `n’ roll band we’ve come to know in the last 35 years.”

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Beatles – White Album

“…the imperfection of the 1968 double album is part of its charm.”

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Van Morrison – Astral Weeks
(Warner Bros.)

“My mother gave me tea, my dad gave me Van Morrison, and if those were their only legacies they could still feel satisfied punching out and calling it a life.”

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Odessey and Oracle best albums of the 60sZombies – Odessey and Oracle

Odessey and Oracle, even by today’s standards, is impossible to top.”

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Personal Best

Big Brother and the Holding Company – Cheap Thrills

“…no one embodied the spirit of that time and place like Janis Joplin.”

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Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison

“The music and voice of Johnny Cash are unparalleled, and his songs will live on forever”

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OsMutantes best albums of the 60sOs Mutantes – Os Mutantes

“There really are few records as fun as Os Mutantes’ self-titled debut, mainly because there really aren’t that many records that sound like Os Mutantes’ self-titled debut.”

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