the beatles

Death of the album

Reports of the Death of the Album Are Greatly Exaggerated

We can choose not to obey the algorithm.

Father John Misty Mr. Tillman video

10 Essential Self-Referential Songs

Too clever for their own good? Or amusingly meta?

Top 100 Cover Songs

The Top 100 Cover Songs

Our round-up of the greatest covers of all time, as voted by Treble’s staff.

The Best Psychedelic Albums

Treble’s Top 50 Psychedelic Albums

50 Albums that change our perception in the best way.

One-chorus wonders Pink Floyd

10 One-Chorus Wonders

Ten songs where the hook-filled climax happens only once.

stunt songs

10 Essential Stunt Songs

Songs that were made just because they could be.

The Beatles, Guardians of the Galaxy top 2017 vinyl sales

Prince, Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse also among best sellers.

10 Intense Album-Closing Tracks

10 Albums that close with a bang.

Treble’s 50 favorite bassists

Our 50 picks for holding down the low end.

Capitol Records 75th anniversary

Capitol Records announces 75th anniversary reissue campaign

November 15th to be named Capitol Records Day in Los Angeles.

Counter-Culture: The Top 100 Songs of the ’60s

The best songs from the weirdest corners of the 1960s.

10 Essential Color Albums

Throughout pop music, there are various albums that are known only by their album cover’s…

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to finally get a soundtrack release

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is finally getting a proper soundtrack release. Salon reports that the…

Beatles Help!

Remake/Remodel: The Beatles – Help!

A slightly flawed mid-period Beatles record made great with just a nip and a tuck.

albums not on Apple Music

10 Albums that aren’t on Apple music

The gaps in the tech giant’s latest development.

Songs about animals

10 Essential Songs About Animals

Plus pictures of those animals, because you’ve earned it.

Rain songs

10 Essential Rain Songs

A musical ode to April showers in 10 parts.