Killer Mike releases mixtape of 2008 freestyles

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Killer Mike mixtape

Killer Mike has had a big year, thanks to the release of the excellent Run the Jewels 2. But he’s been releasing music for a long time — in fact, there’s apparently some tracks from his vault that haven’t yet been released to the public. One collection of such tracks, titled Sunday Morning Massacres, has just been released as a Mixtape via DatPiff. The mixtape mostly comprises freestyles from some 2008 sessions, and the set has a sort of Biblical theme about it, with references to Jesus and Judas, Cain and Abel, and Samson and Delilah, among other Biblical narratives. It’s a free download, as mixtapes generally are, and you can grab it below.

Killer Mike Sunday Morning Massacres:

1. Intro
2. God Complex
3. Skit 1
4. Jockin’
5. Skit 2
6. Neva / The Judas Theory
7. Skit 3
8. Caine & Abel
9. Skit 4
10. The Devil Is A Lie
11. Skit 5
12. Belly Of The Beast
13. Skit 6
14. Samson (Message To Young Black Athletes)
15. Skit 7
16. Delilah
17. Skit 8
18. Speak Lord

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