Watch Killer Mike’s emotional speech in St. Louis from last night

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Last night in Ferguson, Missouri, a grand jury reached the decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in August. The decision sparked a series of protests, both in Ferguson and around the country.

Shortly after that decision was announced, Run the Jewels took the stage for a scheduled performance in St. Louis, Missouri, and Killer Mike delivered an emotional speech to the crowd. He expressed support for Brown’s family, spoke about his own sons and his worries for their future, and condemned the country’s “war machine.”

“We usually come on to Queen’s ‘[We Are The] Champion[s]’,” Killer Mike says at the beginning of his speech. “And I just gotta tell you today that, man, no matter how much we do it, no matter how much we get shit together, shit comes along and kicks you on your ass, and you don’t feel like a champion. So tonight, I got kicked on my ass when I listened to that prosecutor.”

Treble writer Dan Pritchett was at the show and captured Mike’s speech on video, which you can watch below.

Read our recent interview with Killer Mike, in which he talks about Ferguson and the state of politics in America.

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