Knitting Factory to reissue works by Koola Lobitos, Fela Kuti’s highlife band

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Koola Lobitos reissue

Knitting Factory Records has been gradually reissuing big chunks of the Fela Kuti catalog, and the next up is an expanded deluxe reissue of Fela Kuti’s recordings with his early highlife group, Koola Lobitos. The set is titled Highlife-Jazz and Afro-Soul (1963-1969) and compiles seven years of material on three discs. It’s being released on April 8. Take a look at the Koola Lobitos reissue tracklist below.

Fela Ransome Kuti and his Koola Lobitos Highlife-Jazz and Afro-Soul (1963-1969) tracklist:


1. Bonfo
2. Fere
3. Onifere No. 2
4. Oyejo
5. Oloruka
6. Awo
7. Great Kids
8. Amaechi’s Blues
9. Yese
10. Egbin
11. Orise
12. Eke
13. V.C. 7
14. I Know Your Feeling


1. Signature Tune
2. It’s Highlife Time
3. Lagos Baby
4. Omuti
5. Ololufe
6. Araba’s Delight
7. Wa Dele
8. Lai Se
9. Mi O Mo
10. Obinrin Le
11. Omo Ejo


1. Everyday I Got My Blues (Live)
2. Moti Gbrokan (Live)
3. Waka Waka (Live)
4. Ako (Live)
5. Ororuka (Live)
6. Lai Se (Live)
7. Onidodo
8. Ajo
10. Abiara
11. Se E Tun De
12. Waka Waka
13. My Baby Don Love Me
14. Home Cooking

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